Tax Credit

Arizona Tax Credit

School tax credits are a win-win for students and taxpayers. Everyone has the opportunity to make a tax credit contribution to local schools — even those without children. Making a donation is easy: Donate online, keep your receipt and claim your tax credit when you file. Every dollar reduces your tax liability.

Through the Arizona tax credit program (ARS 43-1089.01), taxpayers can donate up to $200 to help fund extracurricular activities and receive every dollar back in the form of a tax credit. Taxpayers can contribute up to $200 for an individual and $400 for a married couple.

When you give using the link below, you are giving directly to the Leading Edge Academy sports program. Leading Edge is generous and allows Life Community to use their gym for community building events such as basketball games, volleyball games, entertainment for our children and enhances our Parents Night Out program.


For any questions regarding the Tax credit, please contact Dolores Patterson at 480.545.1111.

AZ Tax credit FAQ

What is the AZ Tax Credit?
You can choose to give a donation to charitable organization, and it is a credit against your state taxes. This is different from a deduction; this is a credit.
When do I need to give my qualifying gift?
According to the Arizona Department of Revenue,you can donate anytime during the calendar year or before April 15th. If you give between January 1st and April 15th, you can claim that donation on the previous year tax return.
How much can I donate each calendar year?
You can donate $200 if you're filing single and $400 if you're filing married.
Why should i give? I don't typically owe taxes.
This is a credit so if you typically get a state refund you would get a refund + this tax credit. For example, if you give $400 to this tax credit and you usually get $1000 back in a refund, you would get $1400 back in a refund. This is a credit.
I give to a foster care agency already for their tax credits. Does this mean that I don’t qualify for this tax credit?
Actually, the there are several tax credits you can give to. If you are not currently giving to a public school, you can give to this one. This tax credit is the AZ Public School tax credit.