What is Membership
We believe that you are the church. The church is not a building that you sit in; it is a mission that you choose to be part of as we help people passionately follow Christ. At Life Community, membership  is not "attained" it is acknowledged. If you give, serve, and regularly attend services we consider you a member of the church. The next step is to complete and submit the Membership Information.
We ask that all members:
· Have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ
· Be baptized in Water
· Watch the 101 class (within 90 days of completing this form). The 101 class can be found our website, www.lifecommunityaz.com.
· Support the mission at Life Community, “Seeing the unchurched and the next generation become passionate followers of Christ”
· Give consistently
· Serve regularly or be a part of a small group
Click here to complete Member Information
For more information or any questions, please contact Dolores Patterson at 480.326.3220.