Every year, Life Community has the opportunity to host Chapel services (optional release time) to Leading Edge Academy. Leading Edge is a public charter school and the Gilbert campus is located right next to Life Community. We also provide Chapel for the East Mesa Campus located near Crismon and University and the Maricopa Campus. We consider this a great privilege as we disciple the next generation.


Here are some FAQ's:


What is Chapel?

Chapel is an Optional release time that occurs once a week (in Maricopa, this is bi-weekly). You can give your child permission to be escorted next door, to Life Community Church, for a Kids Church program that lasts about 45 minutes.

For Gilbert Campus: The children come to the church through the playround so they are never outside the fenced area, safety is always our first priority. In Jr. High the students will go to the Teen Center on Tuesdays during lunch.

For East Mesa: The children will be escorted to the Auditorium

For Maricopa: The Elementary children are escorted to the Gymnasium. The 6th-8th graders have Chapel on Mondays during luch (twice per month).

Do I have to attend church to send my child?

No, any child is welcome and encouraged to join! Whether you go to Life Community, another church or no church at all, we would love for your child to join us. 

Will my child miss any instruction?

No, this is a scheduled specials time with the teacher so your child will not miss any instruction time.

How many children attend?

In Elementary, about 95% of the children attend. In Jr. High, about half of the students attend.  

What do you teach?

We recognize that we have several backgrounds and denominations represented so we teach a basic bible story with a little music and a few games. We keep Chapel simple and fun! In Jr. High the students will enjoy stories from guest speakers that share their story of faith.

Chapel Schedule:

K-6th: Wednesdays, each grade has a different time
8:05-8:45     5th
8:50-9:25     1st
9:30-10:10    2nd
10:15-10:55   3rd
12:20-1:00    4th
1:05- 1:35    K
1:40-2:20     6th  

7th-8th Tuesday during lunch and the students have the option of bringing their lunch or purchasing pizza for $1/sice.

High School High Schoolers will be invited to participate in ‘FCA’ style clubs

East Mesa: Chapel is every Tuesday
8:15-8:45am: K-1st
9:15-10:00: 2nd and 4th
1015-11:00am: 3rd
11:15-12:00: 5th and 6th

Maricopa: Chapel is on Fridays, twice a month
8:05-8:35am: 2nd
8:40-9:10am- 5th
9:15-9:45am- 3rd
9:50-10:20am- 1st
10:25-10:55am- 4th
11:00-11:25am- Kinder
6th-8th: Mondays during lunch twice per month



How to Enroll:

There are 2 ways to enroll your child to attend Chapel...
1. Click here to sign up online.

2. Download the form here and return it to Life Community Church. You can drop it off at the school office or email it to jaime@lifecommunityaz.com. 

Question? Please contact Jaime Johnson at 480.545.1111, jaime@lifecommnityaz.com.